Welcome To Stretch Physical Therapy

Stretch Physical Therapy & Total Wellness bridges the gap between pain relief and physical function. Our Staff works as a team to help you achieve goals that will help you live pain free.
Until now, traditional physical therapy has been used simply for restorative care only to the primary body parts affected but all too often only up to “functional levels” dictated by insurance money. At Stretch, we believe in treating the whole person, because what affects one body part very often affects the whole. Each of our patients receive a customized, personalized treatment plan that will help them understand their pain and what a successful treatment plan will look like. This system will help assist them in reaching their goals of living pain free.

Our Practice

Our approach is about you! Many of our patients experience pain relief results in 3 treatments or less! All treatments focus on educating you about your body and how you can live pain free as you age. Our facility prides itself in helping you to Get Back Into Life as fast as possible. Click Here to Request an Appointment or Call 513-874-8800 to begin your journey getting back into life.