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Mission Statement
Stretch Physical Therapy & Total Wellness strives to deliver compassionate care to our community while leaving each person we encounter with the education they can understand & use in daily life to keep them at the highest level of function they desire!

Thanks for taking the time to learn more about us!

We are a multi-disciplinary clinic that will help you heal, move without pain and keep you strong throughout your life.

How are we different?

We offer:
  • Our focus is a patient centered approach offering one on one treatments.

    SHOW us your pain...we will show you WHY!
  • We tailor our treatments to help you HEAL faster. Saving you time and trips to the clinic.
  • If results do not occur within 3 treatments, we will consult with our team to change your treatment!
  • Injury prevention, and Health promotion are our priority! We pride ourselves in teaching you how to prevent injury, prevent falls and prevent fractures from osteoporosis.
  • Educational programs for kids, and teach our youth how to eat well and build strength to perform at there best with their sports.
We offer conditioning for sports and will work with your coach to keep you at PEAK PERFORMANCE! Our facility prides itself in helping you to Get Back Into Life as fast as possible.
"I had both of my hips and knees replaced in a years time and Kim helped me get back activities that I would never have been possible prior to my surgery! I am now playing golf daily, without limitations! I refer all of my friends and family to her."


"After my hip replacement, I saw Kim for Physical Therapy! I am looking forward to her opening her clinic so that I can come to her again. I have been to several therapy clinics locally and did not achieve the results I was looking for."


"Kim, Thank you for working with me after my partial knee replacement! You really helped me to regain my strength and ROM faster than I could have imagined! If I ever need treatment again, I will call Kim."


  Whether you are experiencing a new injury or a chronic issue that has left you frustrated, We CAN HELP! We treat you as a whole person! CALL NOW to schedule an appointment and experience the difference! Give us a call if you have any questions about our services.