A Evidence Based Program for Fall Prevention for your Parents

This program is an individualized program that will help in preventing falls in an Assisted Living Facility. Currently residents do well to prevent falls while in Physical Therapy, however soon after discharge residents begin falling. Our staff is dedicated to follow recommendations of your PT/OT after they are discharged. Or we can begin a fall prevention program for anyone that continues to be at risk for falls and do not qualify for skilled PT services.

We currently offer Fall Prevention in our Clinic as well as in an Assisted Living Facilities. We offer Outpatient Physical Therapy Services that will help you improve your balance, strength, flexibility, reaction time and mobility. This program will help you prevent future falls and help you avoid potential readmissions to the hospital from a fall. Please call for more details.

Fall Prevention Program Registration
Download and complete the paperwork. Then, call 513.874.8800 for more details or use the form below to order services online.

Order Services Online

Plan A – Basic Balance15 min. 3x/week for 4 weeks $300/month.
This program will benefit clients that cannot tolerate an exercise program but require help in maintaining function to prevent falls. Could range from stretching to functional activities to improve sit to stand, transfers, standing tolerance or ROM and positioning. (Customized programs available based on client needs)


Plan B – Enhanced Balance Program30 min. 3x/wk for 4 weeks
This program is the BEST VALUE. It offers walking and balance related activities that will help your parent maintain gains made in therapy. (Customized programs available based on client needs)


Plan C – Safety First45 min. 3x/wk for 4 weeks
This is the MOST Effective Plan. Includes Safety education, balance and walking. Gains are made with consistency with technique and safety awareness. (Customized programs available based on client needs)


* Payments due prior to treatment for full 4-week program. For more information, Call Us Today, 513.874.8800.