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I came in with a lot of ankle pain and it made it difficult for me to figure skate. After a few visits, I feel 100% better. Stretch helped me get back to competing and doing everyday activities. Everyone was so nice and they all helped me to become pain free.

Lina M

Before physical therapy, I needed to relearn all the activities that I used to perform years ago, before the injury and hip replacement. The Stretch team challenged me and made my recovery very quick and rewarding. Within 3 weeks of the replacement, they had me doing activities that I had not done in years. I am now walking my dogs on the hills of Beckett Ridge.

Keith I
Right Hip Replacement

My neighbor recommended Stretch when I complained I could not sit with my legs crossed or sleep on either hip. I could not risk this on my own so I began to work with Stretch. I got relief right away but it is a process. By the end of my session I was motivated to continue my exercises and could sit through a movie.

Jennifer W

I fractured my L1 vertebrae and was having pain for a little over 3 and a ½ months before I came to Stretch. I started to wear a brace for the pain, when my physician recommended physical therapy. I had a hard time doing everything without having or using assistance. It was hard for me to shower, get dressed, even harder to walk and stand because of the fracture. When I came to Stretch, I came with the intention of regaining my strength from wearing a brace since my fracture. Stretch PT is so much more advanced than other Physical therapists I have been to in the past. If you try Stretch PT, you will definitely see the difference.

Galen B
Low Back

When I first visited Stretch, I was having pain in my lower back when I sat for over an hour, as well as whenever I bent over for gardening and even whenever I bent over to tie my shoes. After therapy, I am able to now do all of those activities without pain. And I have been given some exercises to hopefully prevent these problems in the future. Thanks to Stretch for the great care.

JoAnn S
Low Back

I received a total hip replacement and went to Stretch Physical Therapy for my post-surgery rehabilitation. After 2 weeks of PT with Andrew not only am I down to using a cane (only as needed) verses the walker I am also able to put...

Keith I
November 3rd

Such a friendly staff! I had 11 treatments with the hot laser, and I no longer have pain in my shoulder when I’m sitting at work or even at the gym. I can now workout like normal! I couldn’t be more grateful for kim and the team 😀

October 14th

The deep tissue laser therapy treatments that I am getting at Stretch Physical therapy has relieved so much of my knee pain. I don't have the achy, hurting knee pain after walking, hiking, or running. I feel my overall mobility has improved...

Margie W
October 4th

I have been to multiple physical therapists, steroid shots, dry needling and acupuncture over the past 11 months. No one has been able to provide the great results I have received here after only 2 visits. This is the only place to go for help! They...

September 29th

My back was hurting so bad that I had trouble sitting and focusing at work. Now I'm happy to say that I'm improving every day I go to Stretch and/or do my exercises at home!

Emily B.
September 28th

After almost three months of not being able to climb stairs without pain in my right hip, I decided to call Stretch P.T. after seeing an ad in the paper. I was able to get an appointment immediately and saw Dr. Chris. I have been going to Stretch...

September 25th

I came to Stretch with lots of pain in my neck and limited mobility. It was hard to turn my head either way and the pain would wake me at night, At the end of my second week I woke up and realized I had slept thru the night. It is the first time in...

Larry G
September 11th

Thank you for helping me get back to the fun activities I love. Your unique approach, especially the cupping, made a difference in my life!

Ally S
July 4th

I've been pain free for a total of 3 days!! No lower back pain and no sciatica when driving.

Almost ready to get back to the gym!

Kim S
June 19th

The folks at Stretch Physical Therapy have been extremely helpful to me. Compared to other PTs, their approach is somewhat unique. They are giving me the tools to take control of my personal health program.

Stanley Lindley
1 week ago

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