Congratulations on your graduation from Physical Therapy!

  • Want to continue making gains after therapy?
  • Want to work towards your personal goals?

Benefits of Our Post Rehab Therapy Program:

  • Gain 100% pain relief
  • Gain strength that was lost from your injury/surgery
  • Get back to where you were before your pain started
  • Don’t lose gains made in PT
  • Reduce the risk of re-injury
  • Reach higher personal goals: weight loss, strength, starting an exercise program, relaxation
  • Learn about how the pain can occur and how you can start preventing pain
  • All programs supervised by our facility Therapists

What kind of programs to you offer?

Whether you graduate from another Therapy clinic or our clinic, we can tailor a plan based the goals you want to achieve.

  • Work with one of our personal trainers
  • Work out under the supervision of our trainers/Physical Therapists
  • One on one Stretching
  • Small Group classes that focus on preventing injury
  • Fall prevention

Why act Now?

Until now your Physical Therapy was focused on your surgery or injury. We will look at your entire body and your fitness goals and develop a plan to prevent injury and gain strength and stay pain free as you age