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The Life Cycle Of Pain: Diagnosis, Treatment, Maintenance
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Stretch Physical Therapy Reviews
  • Physical Therapy West Chester

    I was referred to Stretch from a friend that had some of the same lower back issues that I had (have). To play with my children was difficult and hard to do for a prolonged amount of time. Also I was not able to play golf or softball without pain while playing. Now since being at Stretch and working with Brian I am able to run around again with my children for as long as they want and able to bike ride pain free.…

    Andrew R.

  • Physical Therapy West Chester

    I have been dealing with back pain from scoliosis and it has gotten progressively worse over the past few years. I was to the point where I couldn’t walk, sit, or do anything for any length of time without a lot of pain. I decided to come in for a consultation, but honestly didn’t have much hope that I could feel much better.…

    Beth J.

  • Physical Therapy West Chester

    I had lower back pain from minor injuries while in the military. Since I didn’t want the issues to get worse, I sought help from the team here. They developed a plan to develop the needed stabilizing muscles that would better support me. Within just a few weeks I started seeing improvements in my pain as well as general stability. The team here is great and took excellent care of me.…

    David S.

  • Physical Therapy West Chester

    I started with Stretch right after my shoulder surgery. While rehabbing my shoulder, I started having pain and loss of motion in my right hip. It got so bad that I could not walk through the mall without resting. After working with Kim both shoulder and hip have felt better than they have in years. I can enjoy my hobbies again as well as being able to enjoy a simple walk through the neighborhood.…

    Nick F.

  • Physical Therapy West Chester

    My experience at Stretch PT has been so much more successful than I ever would have believed. I now have nearly full mobility in my hands compared to the stiffness and pain I had when I first came here. It definitely proves that with movement and exercise the hand pain lessens greatly and hand strength improves. …

    Abbey D.

  • Physical Therapy West Chester

    A Happy Stretch Client! I had pain in both legs and pain in bending over. With my PT at stretch I now no longer have the pain and I am more mobile.…

    Lois B.

  • Physical Therapy West Chester

    I would highly recommend Kim and her team. They are all very knowledgeable and professional. Going to Stretch was one of my best decisions to become pain free!…

    Tracey M.

  • Physical Therapy West Chester

    Within 1 visit to stretch and the exercises they gave me to complete outside my appointments, I was feeling so much better. My mobility and strength increased greatly in my shoulders allowing me to get into a better position when I lift. Thank you Kim and everyone else at Stretch!…

    Zane A.

  • Physical Therapy Ohio

    Exercising and getting more strength and rest is the answer. Thanks to Stretch I am so much better…

    Tony V

  • Physical Therapy Maineville

    I have degenerative disk disease in my lower lumbar region and in my neck. I was invited to Stretch through a workshop. Before Stretch, I had trouble sitting in a chair for hours, standing in one place for a long period of time, and even waking up in the morning was difficult because of the pain... …

    Amy J

  • Physical Therapy West Chester

    Attending the seminar, and subsequent therapy sessions was the best decision I ever made! Staff has been great throughout the entire process. I have had a few setbacks, but they continued to encourage me to work through them, and results will be gained... …

    Barb H

  • Physical Therapy Maineville

    When I first came to Stretch I could not lift a golf club due to pain. I slowly got the swing back but use ice between holes and Motrin. I’m adjusting my swing and continue to improve... …

    Ken K

  • Physical Therapy Ohio

    My lumbar back pain had gotten so bad that I could not rollover in bed. Most significantly, I had to discontinue my lap swimming. After 2 1/2 months of physical therapy, Stretch has resolved all my pain issues…

    Kim P

  • Physical Therapy West Chester

    I have a little more flexibility now after physical therapy with Stretch. Now with the proper exercises for home and work, I am able to enjoy life with less pain. …

    Ophelia S

  • Physical Therapy Ohio

    Such a friendly staff! I had 11 treatments with the hot laser, and I no longer have pain in my shoulder when I’m sitting at work or even at the gym. I can now workout like normal! I couldn’t be more grateful for kim and the team :D…


  • Physical Therapy Maineville

    Thank you for helping me get back to the fun activities I love. Your unique approach, especially the cupping, made a difference in my life!…

    Ally S

  • Physical Therapy Ohio

    I've been pain free for a total of 3 days!! No lower back pain and no sciatica when driving. Almost ready to get back to the gym!…

    Kim S

  • Physical Therapy West Chester

    The folks at Stretch Physical Therapy have been extremely helpful to me. Compared to other PTs, their approach is somewhat unique. They are giving me the tools to take control of my personal health program. …

    Stanley L

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