Kim Nartker

Kim Nartker

Owner/Founder PTA

Kim’s Story: Hi I am Kim and the founder/Owner of Stretch. I have worked in the field of PT for over 18+ years now. I opened Stretch to bridge the gap in our current healthcare system. I found that many of my clients were struggling to find honest care that was results driven, and that did not focus on exercise alone. I have always felt that manual therapy was a BIG part of helping the body heal. So in 2013, after doing my research on a good area for my first location, I opened my West Chester Location. I am very passionate about teaching my techniques and mentoring other PT/PTA’s treatment techniques that have worked for me over the years.

Stacey Harris, PT, COMT

Stacey has a passion for helping our community to meet their max potential.  Her focus of care is finding the root cause of the problem and establishing a plan of care that will help you achieve your personal goals. Stacey is the lead PT at Stretch.


Alicia Reynolds, PTA

Alicia has over 17 years experience working in the field of outpatient Physical Therapy.  Alicia is in charge of the exercise portion of our treatment programs. Her passion is to help you rebuild strength to maintain the mobility that you achieve with each of our manual therapy treatments.


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