We believe in providing physical therapy services according to individual needs and goals, rather than on the basis of your insurance benefits and allotment.  Stemming from this belief, you can expect us to spend ample one-on-one time with you during treatment sessions in order to allow us the ability to best identify the problem, treat, and educate you. Stretch Physical Therapy & Total Wellness is considered out of network with ALL insurance companies. We do not believe in surprises, at least not where money and your health intersect. To that end, we require payment for services in full the day of your visit. You will have access to a superbill in your online portal so that you can be reimbursed for your Physical Therapy Visits when you submit the superbills to your insurance company. We are Not Accepting Medicare Patients at this time.  We do offer our Stretch Mobility Coach services to Medicare clients that qualify.  These services are private pay and not billable services.

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How to Determine Your Insurance Benefits for Physical Therapy Services

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