June 2018 Newsletter

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Fresh Faces Around Stretch PT

Over the past few months, we’ve added three new, wonderful people to the Stretch Physical Therapy team. The new hires have been a long time coming, due to our rapid expansion over the last year or so as word has gotten out about our clinic’s injection-, medication-, and surgery-free approach to pain-free living. I searched high and low for months, looking for individuals who embody our mission and are eager to drive our patients toward the best possible outcomes … CONTINUE READING

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Introducing Laura Brennan O’Lannerghty, Our Newest Physical Therapist

As Stretch Physical Therapy continues to grow, we strive to maintain the personal relationships that make our clinic such a powerful, welcoming place for our patients. Whenever we bring a new member into our team, we ensure that, first and foremost, they’re dedicated to changing patients’ lives for the better … CONTINUE READING

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Cut Down on Flight Costs With This Simple Rule

In case you haven’t noticed, traveling is expensive. It can feel like you’re signing away your soul when you sit down to plan a vacation. But when it comes to flights, there’s good news: They’re getting cheaper!


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