Mobility Program

Is it possible to move the same way you did when you were younger? Pain and immobility, along with poor strength can make you feel old. This feeling is largely due to the loss of muscle strength over time, paired with the lack of mobility and possible joint damage that has occurred through a person’s life. Against popular belief, pain is not a normal sign of aging. Pain is your body sending you a signal to stop. Your body works hard everyday to compensate and move in ways that will help you perform in the way you want to perform. This can be walking, standing, sitting, playing a sport, etc. Your body will compensate and help you until it can no longer function, at that time your body will send you warning signals (pain) that it can no longer compensate to decrease damage and it needs professional help to get back to normal function.

So, how can you keep your mobility, and strength so that you can workout continuously without risk of injury? How can you improve your performance? Or do you feel like you just can't move the way you used to? Have tight muscles and joints? Find yourself feeling sore every morning?Or, maybe you're just looking to get back to talking walks with friends, or playing with your grandkids.

At Stretch Physical Therapy, we have highly trained Mobility Specialists who can help you get back to moving freely without pain.

Call us today to schedule your Mobility Consultation. We'll get you back in action!

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