Lower Back Pain Treatment in West Chester Township

lower back pain treatment in West Chester Township

If you are looking for lower back pain treatment in West Chester Township, this post may help. Understanding common causes of low back pain can help you make better treatment choices.  In most cases (>95% of the time), lower back pain can be successfully managed with conservative care like physical therapy. Below is a list […]

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I used to play sports, what happened to me?

I hear this a lot from older clients. Heck, I’ve heard it from myself when I went through ACL rehabilitation. Once a high level athlete, always a high level athlete. At least in our minds we are. The fact is that muscle takes 1-2 weeks to lose strength if it is not going through a […]

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This is Hard

A lot of times we hear clients say that a seemingly easy exercise is surprisingly difficult. The most common time I hear this is when I ask somebody to hold their balance while they stand on one foot. Seems like an easy enough task right? Go on try it yourself. Chances are that if you […]

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Should I be worried that my knees are clicking?

Joints do snap, crackle, and pop at times and this is normal. However, if your knees click or pop EVERY time you do a motion such as going up/down stairs, standing/sitting, or squatting that is something that you need to address before it becomes a problem. The clicking that you hear is your knee caps […]

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Do I have to do my exercises for the rest of my life?

People often think, “Do I have to keep doing all of these exercises for the rest of my life?” after coming to therapy and performing weeks of exercises, getting hands on care from your therapist, then getting back to your pain free life. This is a great question, and the answer is both yes and […]

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Chronic Pain

Today, I had another client come in today with lower back pain. She told me she had sciatica symptoms. She felt pain in her back initially however the pain that shoots down her legs is the most debilitating. She feels like sometimes she can’t stand up all the way. Unfortunately for her, she’s been dealing […]

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Back Pain And Sciatica Treatment Options

Stop Spending Money on ineffective treatments and gadgets when managing pain. Costs of Surgery 100-300K+ (Insurance will cover this if your deductible is Met) Cost of Injections $150-400/injection ( Short lived and causes more damage) Cost of Going to The Dr first for Pain (Time, waiting for medications to work, time off work, time back […]

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Temporary Back Pain Relief

All too often people suffer from low back pain. The first step to treating the back pain is to find a pain relieving position. The pain relieving position is the foundation upon which we can build our exercise routine. No matter the type of back pain, the position as shown above tends to calm down […]

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TMJ Prevention techniques

How to Prevent TMJ If you don’t have any of these symptoms, let’s keep it that way! There are some simple things you can do at home or work to prevent TMD from occurring in your jaw joints: Relax your face – remember the rule: “Lips together, teeth apart” Avoid grinding you teeth Avoid constant […]

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