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"LB is my therapist and she is the greatest! She always encourages me and her positive attitude has rubbed off on me. All I can say is that she is a God send. I didn't want to start taking pain pills and she is helping me conquer my pain."
Mar 13, 2019
"Stretch PT has been very helpful, knowledgeable, and honest in their treatment of my shoulder injury. Highly recommend them."
Feb 21, 2019
"Stretch is the place to go if you want to AVOID surgery. They have a slightly different approach that other physical therapy I have been to before. The concentration is to eliminate pain. The folks there really know what they're doing. They treat each person as an individual and customize treatment. I like that they have exercise classes, speakers and many modes of treatment. Everyone I know that has bas been there has gotten relief, including me."
Oct 03, 2018
"I attended the workshop on Sept 15 it was very informative. I definitely will recommend that you schedule a time to attend this event. "
Sep 15, 2018
"Love coming to stretch! They have been able to improve things for me that no other physical therapist has been able to. All of the people that work here are super nice and very knowledgable. They know what I need and are focused. Special shout out to Kim and Mike! They Rock!"
May 09, 2018

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I came to Stretch PT to lean to better manage my lower back pain. I do my new stretching exercises, which work well for me. The Stretch team wanted to develop and learn more, as I found that it would take longer to “bounce back from a back pain episode”. I have learned more about stretching and strengthening techniques through my sessions here, as well as the concept of strengthening the core at home.

Clayton M.

I almost got in two wrecks because I couldn't move my neck to the right to see if there was a car beside me. I had a lot of pain when I played chain volleyball and now I don't. I used to have about 6 pillows I would use throughout the night. I couldn't get my neck comfortable. I can use one pillow all night without pain now. When I talked to friends that were on the second floor, my neck would kill me even if I moved farther. I now have no more pain.

Sue S.

About 5 years ago, I started coming to physical therapy for my Achilles. Even though it hurts sometimes, you have to push through it to get better. It feels 50% than it did in the beginning.

Mallory D.

When I first came to Stretch, I had continuous low back and hip pain that made it very difficult to do housework or walk my dog. Thanks to the Stretch team, I am doing much better. I also started going to an exercise program and changed my eating habits and I started to lose weight. All of this together has helped tremendously.

Shirley H.

For over a year and a half, I dealt with hip area pain. I have been to four different doctors and have had two cortisone injections later and nothing was helping. After hearing Kim on the radio, I decided to try Stretch. After about three months of therapy, I am mostly pain free, and my flexibility has greatly improved. I recommend Stretch before ever considering surgery. It kept me out of the operating room!

Carrie S.

Before Stretch, I struggled with knee problems. Stretch performed very professional and took care of my pain and problems. I would highly recommend anyone for their problems.

Jerry M.

My experience at Stretch was great. I came in with a lower lumbar strain that has been recurring over the last couple of years. I saw a few different physical therapists and all were very professional and knowledgeable and helped me deal with my injury. The exercises and stretches that I was shown were very useful and helped me continue to be able to work. I don't have the severe back pain that I had a few months before thanks to the hard work of everyone at Stretch!

Ryan K.

I had neck and back pain. I also had trouble turning my head while driving and changing lanes. My back pain would wake me up at night. I went to several other physical therapists and had minimal success. I have had all great experiences here with the Stretch Team. They have worked closely with me and the limitations I have due to my MS. I am mostly pain free.

Sandy S.

I’ve had a problem with by lower back for at least 3-4 years, especially my lower left side. I’ve had to do a lot of stretches before, during, and after playing tennis. In 2016, it seemed to get worse along with my right hip. I didn’t know if I wanted laser surgery on my back, or hip replacement, and right or left knee replacement. I did my hip first then opted for “Stretch P.T.” instead of possibly laser spine. I do know I have stenosis and arthritis L-4, L-5. After having physical therapy, my back seemed to calm down enough that I could do normal daily things that was limited before physical therapy. I still can’t run or play tennis yet. I need to take care of my left knee first. I believe that’s part of my left back problem. Thanks Stretch!

Paul A.

When I started here I was in pain on most anything I did. Now I can do most anything I want with not much pain. If I have pain I do some of my stretches and they help quite a bit.

Brian B.

I’m a gymnast and had very very bad back pain to the point where it hurt to stand up and go up and down the stairs. I had to stop practicing because it much so much strain on my back. When I started at Stretch, I was very weak and there was a lot of things that hurt. Through the process of strengthening exercises at Stretch and at home, my pain gradually started to lessen. By the end, I had no pain and am now allowed to start going back to practice and gradually add back in the skills I could once do so easily.

Ava H.

I had a back spasm that lasted over 2 weeks. Some pain medication dulled the pain, but I couldn't walk more than 200 feet, go up and down stairs or even carry anything over 20 pounds; including my son. After a few sessions, the Stretch team found a way to remove the pain entirely. They didn’t stop there, they worked to find the source of the problem and after fixing that, they helped me to build stability and then gain more strength. With the exercises to take home, the healing process has been life changing. Now I can exercise, do house and yard work, and more importantly carry my son.

Daniel F.

Before I came to Stretch, I had been to numerous doctors and chiropractors and have had numerous amounts of tests done. I was in so much pain that my husband had to pull me out of a chair most of the time. Now I am back to moving, stretching and doing daily activities. I am so glad that I was sent to Stretch!

Marsha P.

Before Stretch, I had lots of pain on my left side. It always felt like there was a knife being pushed in my hip. I had a hard time walking and sleeping. I had slight low back pain and very sore hips from walking and doing house work. Also it was hard to walk very far and I couldn’t stand for more than a couple minutes. Exercising and getting more strength and rest is the answer. Thanks to Stretch I am so much better.

Tony V.

I had a very good experience at Stretch. Everyone was very nice and extremely helpful. I had difficulty walking before I came to Stretch, but I can now move much better!

Deb M.

Before I came back to Stretch, my pain was starting to act up. I knew the summer and after more activities were about to begin, so I decided to get a head start on the pain. When I returned, they suggested the deep laser therapy. After about 12 sessions, my pain is completely gone. Before if I did too much, my sciatic nerve would knot up, causing pain and numbness down my leg. Now both are gone, I do not have trouble gardening. I have used Stretch before to prevent going for more injections and surgeries. I use them now with even better results and I hope to continue to see them in the future. Thanks Stretch!

Deb H.

I came to Stretch in search of help for my chronic neck pain; I’d been going to a chiropractor regularly for a few months, and although I would occasionally get relief but it was always temporary--sometimes the pain had returned by the time I got home from the chiropractor. I’d driven by Stretch many times, and I am not sure what made me finally make an appointment...but I’m so glad I did! The combination of hands-on treatment and exercise instruction made all the difference for me. In two months, I went from barely being able to turn my head from side to side to moving freely, pain free! The whole team at Stretch is fantastic and the atmosphere is fun and encouraging. I highly recommend them!

Dana L.

When I first came to Stretch, I came with a recommendation and an injured shoulder. Unlike other physical therapy locations I have been to, Stretch has a more personal approach. The therapists at Stretch did not only focus on my shoulder, but also the surrounding and associated muscle groups. The result has been a more complete recovery. I recently injured my hamstring and made sure that my orthopaedist referred me to Stretch. The staff is very thorough, professional and attentive. Again, rather than focus on my hamstring, they also considered surrounding, contributing muscle groups which led to a complete and full recovery.

Jon E.

After trying a variety of things to help my tennis elbow, I found myself at Stretch Physical Therapy. It was through their treatment plan that I finally started to experience relief, and have actual healing. Stretch was able to identify the root cause and help me work through the issue, which in turn helped my elbow. When I came to Stretch, I was not able to use a blow dryer, mop the floor, or attend a regular Pilates class. After Stretch, I was able to use my blow dryer without pain, pull my luggage through the airport, and return to my regular Pilates class. I am truly thankful to everyone at Stretch Physical Therapy!

Joan S.

Before I came to Stretch, I had trouble opening jars. I can now open jars with no problem. I also had trouble reaching over my head and behind my back. I feel much better now, and I am no longer waking up in pain. Thanks Stretch!

Nieata B.
Low Back

I was dizzy when I began to sleep on my left side, now not so much! I went to the hairdressers and when they put my head back and upwards, I started to feel very dizzy. Now I have no problem, the Stretch team helped to cure my vertigo. I am no longer dizzy and do not have any more problems.

Darleen S.

When I came here I had difficulty reaching with my left arm, then it froze. We have worked through all that. Now I can wash my hair and curl it no trouble. I can also dry my back. I can now get things off the end table on my left side with my left arm. I am pretty much back to normal now. The people here at Stretch are very nice and informative. Thanks Stretch!

Sue W.
Left Arm

I had a bad case of plantar fasciitis, for which I had to wear a boot and walk with crutches. I was not allowed to put any weight on my foot for about five weeks. After treatments, my doctor recommended that I go to Physical Therapy. A friend at church told me what a great experience they had at Stretch PT. I decided to give Stretch a try and I am glad that I did. You can be assured that the people at Stretch Pt know what to do and how to do it right. As a bonus, they are very nice people to work with. Now I can do all the things I used to do with pain. Thanks Stretch!

Jack W.

When I first started with Stretch Physical Therapy I needed at least 30 minutes to feel better after getting out of bed. After sitting at my desk at work, I needed to bend over to walk for a few minutes. Ever since I started doing physical therapy, I have had much less trouble with these activities. Most days everything is so much better.

Jo Ellen B.

I have degenerative disk disease in my lower lumbar region and in my neck. I was invited to Stretch through a workshop. Before Stretch, I had trouble sitting in a chair for hours, standing in one place for a long period of time, and even waking up in the morning was difficult because of the pain. Now I am able to do exercises to prevent pain, I can even go to the gym, and sit and stand without pain. I really didn’t want to leave, but I know that I needed to move on. Everyone has been so kind, so caring and extremely knowledgeable. I truly love everyone here and I will stay in touch. Thanks Stretch!

Amy J.

I had been experiencing back pain for a long period of time, but after moving to a different home, it increased to the point of interference with my sleep, and daily functions. The sciatica, low back pain was awful and I knew that I was also out of shape, and didn’t even know where to begin. Doing simple exercises seemed to make everything worse. I happened to see an ad on our local “Nextdoor” app asking: “Are you suffering from back pain and Sciatica?” offering a free seminar at Stretch Physical Therapy. Attending the seminar, and subsequent therapy sessions was the best decision I ever made! Staff has been great throughout the entire process. I have had a few setbacks, but they continued to encourage me to work through them, and results will be gained. Prior to this treatment, I was unable to carry laundry basket, ride in cars for any length of time, and do any exercises to help prevent the dreaded weight gain. Prior to discharge they increased the difficulty of the exercises to ensure that I truly will be able to resume exercises in a safe manner, and to avoid potential injuries.

Barb H.

When I started, I could barely stand up straight. I can now perform all normal function. The staff at Stretch was very professional and very helpful.

Bruce L.

I have had a long history of back pain, starting from my stint in the army, which was almost 10 years ago, with per flares every few years. The last flare started about 2 years ago. The doctors and other physical therapist I have seen have not helped much. Coming to Stretch has been a totally different experience. The combination of laser and physical therapy here has been totally effective. I have not just felt pain reduction, but also a fluidity of movement that I have not felt in years. The laser is very relaxing and seems to help initiate the physical therapy session with great results.

Ethan B.

When I first came to Stretch I could not lift a golf club due to pain. I slowly got the swing back but use ice between holes and Motrin. I’m adjusting my swing and continue to improve. I look forward to once again being pain free playing golf. My pain level has gone from a 10 to a 2 or 3 at the tee.

Ken K.

My lumbar back pain had gotten so bad that I could not rollover in bed. Most significantly, I had to discontinue my lap swimming. After 2-1/2 months of physical therapy, Stretch has resolved all my pain issues, and has gotten me to where I am able to swim again.

Kim P.

I initially started PT several weeks ago with limited mobility. My symptoms were that I couldn’t walk too far and I couldn’t bend over or stand up. I was unable to do various tasks at home and at work. My personal restrictions were different chores at home, like washing the dishes, which resulted in severe pain. I have a little more flexibility now after physical therapy with Stretch. Now with the proper exercises for home and work, I am able to enjoy life with less pain.

Ophelia S.

I came in with a lot of ankle pain and it made it difficult for me to figure skate. After a few visits, I feel 100% better. Stretch helped me get back to competing and doing everyday activities. Everyone was so nice and they all helped me to become pain free.

Lina M.

Before physical therapy, I needed to relearn all the activities that I used to perform years ago, before the injury and hip replacement. The Stretch team challenged me and made my recovery very quick and rewarding. Within 3 weeks of the replacement, they had me doing activities that I had not done in years. I am now walking my dogs on the hills of Beckett Ridge.

Keith I.
Right Hip Replacement

My neighbor recommended Stretch when I complained I could not sit with my legs crossed or sleep on either hip. I could not risk this on my own so I began to work with Stretch. I got relief right away but it is a process. By the end of my session I was motivated to continue my exercises and could sit through a movie.

Jennifer W.

I fractured my L1 vertebrae and was having pain for a little over 3 and a ½ months before I came to Stretch. I started to wear a brace for the pain, when my physician recommended physical therapy. I had a hard time doing everything without having or using assistance. It was hard for me to shower, get dressed, even harder to walk and stand because of the fracture. When I came to Stretch, I came with the intention of regaining my strength from wearing a brace since my fracture. Stretch PT is so much more advanced than other Physical therapists I have been to in the past. If you try Stretch PT, you will definitely see the difference.

Galen B.
Low Back

When I first visited Stretch, I was having pain in my lower back when I sat for over an hour, as well as whenever I bent over for gardening and even whenever I bent over to tie my shoes. After therapy, I am able to now do all of those activities without pain. And I have been given some exercises to hopefully prevent these problems in the future. Thanks to Stretch for the great care.

JoAnn S.
Low Back

I received a total hip replacement and went to Stretch Physical Therapy for my post-surgery rehabilitation. After 2 weeks of PT with Andrew not only am I down to using a cane (only as needed) verses the walker I am also able to put...

Keith I.
November 3rd

Such a friendly staff! I had 11 treatments with the hot laser, and I no longer have pain in my shoulder when I’m sitting at work or even at the gym. I can now workout like normal! I couldn’t be more grateful for kim and the team 😀

October 14th

The deep tissue laser therapy treatments that I am getting at Stretch Physical therapy has relieved so much of my knee pain. I don't have the achy, hurting knee pain after walking, hiking, or running. I feel my overall mobility has improved...

Margie W.
October 4th

I have been to multiple physical therapists, steroid shots, dry needling and acupuncture over the past 11 months. No one has been able to provide the great results I have received here after only 2 visits. This is the only place to go for help! They...

September 29th

My back was hurting so bad that I had trouble sitting and focusing at work. Now I'm happy to say that I'm improving every day I go to Stretch and/or do my exercises at home!

Emily B.
September 28th

After almost three months of not being able to climb stairs without pain in my right hip, I decided to call Stretch P.T. after seeing an ad in the paper. I was able to get an appointment immediately and saw Dr. Chris. I have been going to Stretch...

September 25th

I came to Stretch with lots of pain in my neck and limited mobility. It was hard to turn my head either way and the pain would wake me at night, At the end of my second week I woke up and realized I had slept thru the night. It is the first time in...

Larry G.
September 11th

Thank you for helping me get back to the fun activities I love. Your unique approach, especially the cupping, made a difference in my life!

Ally S.
July 4th

I've been pain free for a total of 3 days!! No lower back pain and no sciatica when driving.

Almost ready to get back to the gym!

Kim S.
June 19th

The folks at Stretch Physical Therapy have been extremely helpful to me. Compared to other PTs, their approach is somewhat unique. They are giving me the tools to take control of my personal health program.

Stanley L.

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