Personal Training

Mobility Work
        Improve your mobility

Functional Training for people that have been injured or want to Prevent Injury and Dominate their Sport

When you have experienced pain or cannot get past your Fitness plateau due to tightness or weakness our Fitness Coaches can help.

At Stretch Physical Therapy & Total Wellness we offer Personal Training in a private setting with our Certified Personal Trainers and our Stretch Mobility Coaches that specialize in the body how it moves and how it can be injured.

All of our training programs are developed to improve your Mobility, Strength, Flexibility, Balance, Stretching and Deep Muscle Stability and re fire muscles that keep shutting off.



At Stretch we offer 3 different types of Training that are designed and tailored towards your personal goals.


Private Training Sessions

1/2 hour training sessions with our personal trainer or Stretch Mobility Coach * a Stretch Mobility Coach Consult required prior to beginning this program*

Semi-Private Training Sessions

50 min training sessions that are tailored to your personal fitness goals

StretchPTondemand courses.

Live streamed and online fitness that is specifically for people who have experienced pain, surgery or just want to prevent both. This platform offers an at home fitness prescription to help you get back into life and add back fitness without the risk of injury.

Benefits of Functional Training:

  • Customized Training with Certified and/or Licensed Professionals
  • No membership fee required.
  • Rebuild strength, balance, mobility, deep muscle stability, Functional Movements
  • Have pain, no problem we will build a program for you that improves your pain and starts the healing process.
  • Stop modifying your personal training and start Fixing the problem so that you can dominate your sport

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