Tune-up Sessions

30min session

Tune Up Session

All of our clients need some help now and again. This program is designed for our graduated clients to maintain gains and improve their strength and mobility. You do not need a prescription for this program.


  • You are in a training program and you need some hands-on work before a certain date.
  • You are an active dancer, golfer, runner, baseball player, football player or CrossFit enthusiast and are having difficulty with your agility program.
  • Pain is coming back and you want a quick fix or check up.
  • You pulled something.
  • You are a previous client and your joints are getting a little stiff or you feel tightness.
  • You are going on vacation and you need a tune-up.

To Schedule your tune-up session:

  1. Click the blue Book Now button below.
  2. Click on Stretch Physical Therapy, Wellness, in the popup window.
  3. Click Wellness Service under the Choose a Category heading.
  4. Click the orange Book Now button to the right of Tune Up visit to schedule your appointment.

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