Info for Dr’s on Wellness Care

Thank you for the interest in learning more about what Stretch offers for Wellness care in our community.

Wellness in our eyes is a community that understands how to keep themselves:

Out of Pain and preventing injury

Moving well throughout their lifespan and workout to prevent Chronic Dis-Ease. (Disease) Workouts should focus on Balance, Strength, Flexibility, and Cardio.

Eating for good health

Sleep Well

Manage Stress

Understand when the body is not moving well and work with one of our specialists to keep the body moving to avoid pain meds, injections and surgery.

Our purpose is to Find the Root cause of “Why the body is not moving well or Why there is pain” Through special tests, find the cause then focus on regaining the joint mobility through Grade IV/V joint mobilizations ( Our focus is on every joint to see where restrictions are and perform mobilization to restricted joints then neuro re ed to stabilize those areas) We also provide Deep Thermal Laser and work on a 5 phases of care model.

5 Phases of Care

Regain Mobility in all joints

Perform Corrective exercises to stabilize gains made with treatment

Begin Functional Exercise program

Return to Full Function or Sport

Maintenance for those that have restrictions once PT is complete. This program is to prevent the degeneration from starting again and to keep our hands on the clients and be the first step in keeping them away from medications, injections and surgery.

If you are interested in learning more about what we offer, please reach out to me personally.


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